Financing option available for up to £2500 of the course price.

Bentleys Training Academy offers comprehensive and innovative dog grooming courses. We have created a number of courses which cover the requirements needed when becoming a dog groomer. We offer the Open College Network West Midlands Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming. Our courses cover bespoke pet styling techniques, changing customer expectations, online marketing, and the introduction of new dog breeds which is a new skill-set not previously taught in most training schools. The standard of our training matches the exacting standards of our very busy Salon and our students can be reassured they are receiving the most relevant grooming training to help them develop a successful career. To complete the OCN Level 3 Diploma you do not need any previous grooming experience and you are not required to have completed any courses before attending.



1 day 


Weekdays only




This course is for someone thinking of becoming a dog groomer and would like to experience a busy salon environment first hand.  


Spend the day in a friendly salon observing techniques such as bathing, drying, blasting, combing, and clipping.   


1 day


Sundays only


The Canine First Aid Course is perfect for owners and professionals who want to be prepared for any medical emergency. This one-day course covers: how to treat injury, allergic reactions, stings, poisoning, choking, seizures, CPR, hypothermia and much more.

This course includes both theory and practical exercises.

Our course is accredited through the Open College Network West Midlands and each student will receive a recognised certificate for their learning.

You will learn skills that can save lives.  Need I say more? Call us or visit our Facebook page to find out our next course dates.

£60 per person - including light refreshments

Open college network Level 3 DIPLOMA IN DOG GROOMING

45 salon days which includes work experience in the Bentleys Salon as well as home study (9.30-15.30)

Weekdays only​


The qualification is commonly known as OCN Level 3 Diploma.

Over the period of 45 days in the school and a number of days home study, you will groom a huge variation of breeds and styles 

You will receive a start up pack which includes all the basic tools required to begin your grooming career.

This course provides the foundation to pursue your goal in becoming a professional Dog Grooming Stylist. Gain confidence and experience across a wide variety of breeds by grooming a dog from start to finish under our supervision. Learn the latest pet styling skills. Throughout your course you will also complete work experience days within the busy Bentleys Salon where you will gain invaluable hands on experience. 


This course covers all the below topics:

Basic dog anatomy, Dog behavior, Dog breeds and coat types, Salon equipment overview, and salon and equipment hygiene, Grooming tools and equipment overview, and how to choose the correct tools for the job, management of dogs visiting the salon, pre-bath health checks and recognising and handling health problems, correct handling of dogs in the bath and on the table, hand bathing methods, choosing the correct products for different coats, ear cleansing & nail clipping, drying and brushing methods of different coat types, coat clipping and using attachment comb, basic scissoring of a variety of breeds, de-matting methods, parasite control, practical experience grooming a variety of breeds, choosing the best cut for your canine client, breed standard styling, corrective grooming techniques, dealing with severely matted coats

Each day includes a half hour lunch break.


Assessment criteria: Practical demonstrations and workbook completion. You will complete 3 grooming assessments under supervision.

Open college network LEVEL 3 DIPLOMA FAST TRACK

Unlimited time to complete

2 salon days (yours or mine)


The fast track option is design only for someone who is currently grooming for a minimum of one year but has no formal qualifications, has a level 2 qualification, or those wishing to take an alternative route.

Once you have enrolled on the qualification, we can arrange a mutually convenient date in which I can either travel to your salon or you can come to me in Petersfield . We will bring your course folder and talk you through the qualification and the worksheets for each module. On this day or another date agreed I will then assess you on three of your 15 styles. These can be any three dog breeds that you chose. Please make sure these dogs are thoroughly bathed and dried and all prep work is completed before the assessment. 

Once you have completed your initial day with me, we can start to build a portfolio of the remaining grooms that you have completed in your salon. Evidence is required in the form of photographs and videos. You have an unlimited amount of time to do this.

The final unit of the qualification is to complete one of our accredited first aid courses. These are held at venues around the country or you can come to me to complete this. I feel every groomer should complete an accredited first aid course, so this is something I hold separately also.

The price will include a full course pack, all of your assessment fees, and a day with you in person to take you through the qualification and assess your three breeds, full support from me as you go through the qualification, your OCN Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming certificate. The only part that is not included in the price is my expenses if you would like me to do your initial day in your own salon. If you come to me there is no extra cost.


Two days (10.00-15.00)

Weekdays only




This course invites someone who would like to learn how to groom their dog, or someone has been grooming their dog themselves and would like to hone their skills. We will teach you basic techniques specific to your breed of dog. You will need to bring you own dog. Due to the nature of this course, you will be supervised on a one to one basis.


Assessment criteria: Practical demonstrations   



Weekdays only


This course is suited to someone who has been working in the grooming industry but would like to additional tuition with certain areas or breed styles. This course is bespoke depending on these requirements along with the number of days and price. Please contact us to discuss


Assessment criteria: Practical demonstrations   

To speak with our training co-ordinator or to request course availability please call 01730 622032 or email

We also offer bespoke training courses, and consultancy services for those setting up a new business to wishing to grow their existing business. Call us on 01730 622032 for a free consultation.

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